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Dallas-area home prices rose at the slowest rate in 10 months in the latest nationwide survey.

Dallas prices were up 8.6 percent in May from a year ago in the just-released Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller Home Price Index.

Nationwide prices rose 9.4 percent from May 2013 levels.

“Home prices rose at their slowest pace since February of last year,” S&P’s David M. Blitzer said in the report. “Housing has been turning in mixed economic numbers in the last few months.

“Prices and sales of existing homes have shown improvement while construction and sales of new homes continue to lag.”

The lower home price gains have been predicted by analysts who see some moderation after many months of double-digit price increases.

Eighteen of the 20 cities Case-Shiller survey’s had lower gains in May than in April.

Dallas’ increase was the smallest since July of last year. Earlier this year local home prices were growing at more than 10 percent from a year ago.

The largest annual gains in May were in Las Vegas, 16.9 percent, and San Francisco, 15.4 percent.

The smallest increase was in Cleveland, 2.4 percent.

Dallas-area home prices are now at a record level in the closely-watched Case-Shiller report – up more than 9 percent from where they were before the recession.

And prices here are almost 25 percent ahead of where they were at the worst of the economic downturn in 2009.

Dallas-area prices have been rising in the Case-Shiller study for more than 24 months.

2014 Aug 9 case_may

U.S. millionaires see real estate as the top alternative-asset class to own this year, according to Morgan Stanley. (MS)

About 77 percent of investors with at least $1 million in assets own real estate, according to a survey released today by the New York-based investment bank’s wealth-management unit. Direct ownership of residential and commercial properties was the No. 1 alternative-investment pick for 2014, with a third of millionaires surveyed saying they plan to buy this year. Twenty-three percent said they expect to invest in real estate investment trusts, the second-most popular choice.

Wealthy investors are turning to a rebounding real estate market as fixed-income yields remain historically low and equities surge. U.S. commercial-property values rose 8 percent in the 12 months ended Jan. 31, and have jumped 71 percent since hitting their post-recession bottom in 2009, research firm Green Street Advisors Inc. reported today. The S&P/Case-Shiller index of home prices in 20 cities is up 24 percent from its 2012 low.

“After a year where the Standard & Poor’s Index rose 30 percent, some millionaires are moving money out of traditional, long-only strategies to find out performance, and turning toward alternatives such as real estate and private equity,” said Gary Kaminsky, a vice chairman at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in New York. “Sophisticated, high-net-worth investors are much more concerned about losses.”

Collectibles ranked as the third-most-popular alternative-investment choice this year, with 20 percent of millionaires saying they planned to buy, followed by private equity at 19 percent and precious metals at 16 percent.

Lenders will have to verify borrowers’ income, assets and debt before signing them up for home loans.

WASHINGTON — Six years after the housing meltdown exposed fissures in the system, new mortgage rules took effect Friday that stand to remodel the market.

Housing groups worry that changes meant to shield Americans from abusive lending practices that contributed to the financial crisis will make it harder for many to buy homes. But experts say the rules will create sustainable homeownership by ensuring that borrowers can afford to repay their home loans.

“The rules may cut some credit ‘availability’ at the margins, but as a whole they will ensure that borrowers have a product they can afford,” said Sam Khater, deputy chief economist at the housing data provider CoreLogic. “The terms of the debate are always about access to credit, but it’s also about access to sustainable homeownership.”

The changes drafted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau aim to protect Americans in the process of buying a home and if they run into trouble paying their mortgages.

Director Richard Cordray said the bureau is taking a “back to basics approach to mortgage lending practices. No debt traps. No surprises. No runarounds.”

Lenders will have to verify borrowers’ income, assets and debt before signing them up for home loans. Such common-sense practices anchored the mortgage market for decades but were cast aside in the runup to the meltdown as banks relaxed standards to churn out more lucrative loans. The result was millions of homeowners who were unable to manage their mortgages once the market tanked.

In response, the consumer bureau has created a category of home loans that offer lenders broad legal protections against borrower lawsuits, provided they adhere to certain criteria. These “qualified mortgages” limit upfront fees and bar risky features such as no-interest periods that can leave homeowners stuck with unsustainable loans. The loans are available to consumers who have a debt burden that is no more than 43 percent of income.

In real estate markets such as Washington, where prices are high, prospective buyers could run up against the limit as they stretch their finances to buy homes. But some of the nation’s largest banks, including Wells Fargo, have said they will offer loans for high-priced homes that do not conform to the new standard.

David Stevens, chief executive of the Mortgage Bankers Association, is concerned that lower-income borrowers, who would fall outside the debt-to-income ratio requirements, will not fare as well as wealthier consumers.

“We’re seeing institutions building business models to take advantage of that side of the market, charging 8 percent to 9 percent interest rates,” he said. “We need clear consumer protections … but nobody wants to push middle-class families on the margins into a shadow industry of high-priced mortgages.”

In the year since the consumer bureau finalized the mortgage rules, the bureau has made tweaks for a smoother implementation. Stevens said he wants the bureau to relax the debt-to-income ratio, which he said may be unnecessary because regulators have eliminated risky loan features.

Lenders are under no obligation to issue only qualified mortgages; they just have to verify that borrowers have the ability to make their loan payments. However, banks, which have doled out billions in recent years to settle lawsuits related to mortgage abuses, are likely to gravitate toward the protections afforded under the new loan category, analysts said.

The qualified mortgage rule is part of a broader collection of policies that include changes to the way borrowers interact with mortgage servicers. These firms that collect mortgage payments were criticized for mishandling borrowers’ requests for lower principle or interest payments during the meltdown.

Now, mortgage servicers will have to maintain accurate records, offer ongoing access to staff members and provide options for delinquent homeowners to avoid foreclosure or face enforcement from regulators.

“It may seem silly that we need rules to tell servicers to answer the phone; not to lose people’s paperwork; to tell borrowers how much they owe,” Cordray said. “But we have lived through the financial crisis. We have seen with our own eyes the grave dysfunctions in the mortgage market.”

Lincoln Heritage Mortgage Steven Jeffers LHM The Honest Solutions Company Tax Bracket 2013
When you file your federal income tax return before April 2013, you’re filing your 2012 taxes, and the 2012 income tax brackets define the amount of tax you owe to the government before credits and after-tax adjustments. The first paycheck or consultancy fee you earn in 2013 falls under new rules, however. The 2013 income tax brackets apply to money you earn during that year, although you may not notice how this affects you until you file your income taxes in early 2014. If you pay estimated taxes throughout the year, you may be more aware of the change in brackets.

Now that Congress has passed a new law to avoid the fiscal cliff, the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, we have a better picture of the marginal tax rates for 2013 ahead of the official announcement from the IRS. With the changes to the top tax bracket set by the law and the remaining brackets adjusted by inflation with help from The Tax Foundation, this article includes the likely tax scenario.

In 2013, the Bush-era tax cuts have been extended — made “permanent” — for all taxpayers but the highest tax bracket. This is similar to one of the scenarios predicted earlier, but the question up until the last minute has been at what income level would the older, higher top marginal tax rate be effective.

Republicans wanted this number to be high, where the top tax rate would affect only those taxpayers earning over $1,000,000, while President Obama was aiming for the top tax rate to affect more taxpayers, including those earning over $200,000 or $250,000. The Congress settled on a compromise of $400,000 for taxpayers filing single as the threshold for the top tax rate, which is very close to what the top tax bracket would have been anyway, due to inflation.

As a result, these are the tax rates you can expect in 2013.

Rate Single Filers Married Joint Filers Head of Household Filers
10% $0 to $8,925 $0 to $17,850 $0 to $12,750
15% $8,925 to $36,250 $17,850 to $72,500 $12,750 to $48,600
25% $36,250 to $87,850 $72,500 to $146,400 $48,600 to $125,450
28% $87,850 to $183,250 $146,400 to $223,050 $125,450 to $203,150
33% $183,250 to $398,350 $223,050 to $398,350 $203,150 to $398,350
35% $398,350 to $400,000 $398,350 to $450,000 $398,350 to $425,000
39.6% $400,000 and up $450,000 and up $425,000 and up

Keep in mind that the tax rates listed in these tables are marginal rates. That means that you do not owe your rate on all of your income. For example, if you single, you earn $100,000 per year, you would not owe 28% on all of your income — you would not owe $28,000 to the federal government. You would owe 10% of $8,925, 15% of $27,325 (the difference between the top and the threshold of the second tax bracket), 25% of $51,600, and 28% of $12,150 (the difference between your income and the threshold of the third tax bracket).

That calculation results in $21,293, or an effective (not marginal) tax rate of 21.2%. That will be further reduced by any credits, assuming your taxable income is the same as your gross income. Your effective tax rate could be much lower if deductions have already reduced your taxable income to $100,000 from a larger gross income. For example, if a 401(k) contribution reduced your taxable income from $115,000 to $100,000, you would still use the same tax calculation I’ve described here, but your effective tax rate would be 18.5%.

Income tax isn’t the only concern for workers’ paychecks in 2013. With the elimination of the temporary cut to payroll taxes, employees earning less than $110,100 will go back to paying their full share of the tax. For someone earning $50,000, that’s $83 less in his take home pay each month than he would receive if the cut had been extended.

With the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 now law, rather than Congress needing to extend the Bush-era tax cuts every year, they will be permanent. Congress can, however, create a new law at any time to change the rates or the tax brackets, but the end-of-year political dance about whether to renew these specific tax cuts will no longer exist.

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Lincoln Heritage Realty Steven Jeffers LHR The Honest Solutions Company DFW home prices risiing 2012Washington • Home prices rose in nearly all major U.S. cities in April from March, further evidence of a housing market that is slowly improving even while the job market slumps.

The Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index released Tuesday showed increases in 19 of the 20 cities tracked. That’s the second straight month that prices have risen in a majority of U.S. cities.

And two other measures of national prices also are showing increases. CoreLogic, a private firm, calculates that prices rose 1.1 percent nationally in those 12 months. The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, says prices have increased 3 percent in that time.

In the Case-Shiller index, San Francisco, Washington and Phoenix posted the biggest increases in April. Prices fell 3.6 percent in Detroit, the only city to record a monthly drop. Salt Lake City is not included in the survey.

The month-to-month prices aren’t adjusted for seasonal factors. Still, prices in half of the cities are up over the past 12 months.

Prices are slowly increasing as the housing market has slowly started to recover. Sales of new and previously occupied homes are up over the past year, in part because mortgage rates have plunged to the lowest levels on record. Builders are more confident and are starting to build more homes.

Consistent prices increases benefit the broader economy. Homeowners feel wealthier, encouraging them to spend more. Rising prices also encourage more Americans to buy homes because they are more confident that their investment will appreciate over time.

“If you are no longer quite so afraid that prices are going to fall, you are more likely to buy,” said Pierre Ellis, a senior economist at Decision Economics.

The S&P/Case-Shiller monthly index covers roughly half of U.S. homes. It measures prices compared with those in January 2000 and creates a three-month moving average. The April figures are the latest available.

Even with the gains, the index is 34 percent below its peak reached in the summer of 2006, at the height of the housing boom. Based on the 20-city index, home prices are now at about the same level as in early 2003.

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Lincoln Heritage Mortgage Steven Jeffers LHM The Honest Solutions Company Mortgage Under Water

How to Get Your Mortgage Above Water

The problem: You want to sell your home but the loan is underwater. To sell now you’d have to dig into other assets to fill the gap between what you owe and what the home will fetch, and you just don’t have that much.

The solution? Hope home prices start to recover, continue to make regular payments to steadily reduce the loan balance and either add extra principal payments or save in some other way.

It is possible to make an estimate – to get a sense whether it will take three years or 10, for instance. That should help in evaluating your options, though some key factors are uncertain, such as your home’s appreciation rate and the returns you might earn on any savings.

If you want to begin an aggressive effort to get above water, the key issue will be whether to make extra principal payments or to save in another way that might get you to your goal faster but with more risk.

Extra principal payments earn an investment return equal to the mortgage interest rate, since every extra dollar paid to reduce the loan balance saves interest charges on a dollar. If you had a 5% mortgage, extra principal payments would earn a guaranteed 5%, which is high compared with yields on other guaranteed savings. A five-year certificate of deposit, for instance, pays just 1.1%. You might earn more in the stock market, then use the gains to help pay off the loan balance, but you could lose money, too.

Ordinary mortgage payments also help you slowly get above water because each payment reduces the loan balance. Every payment puts a bit more toward principal than the last.

So how do you put all these factors together? Jack M. Guttentag, emeritus professor of finance at the Wharton School, provides two calculators on his website, The Mortgage Professor. The first shows how long it will take to get above water, the second how much extra one would have to pay on principal to reach a given equity level in a specified time.

His example shows a loan with a $200,000 balance, a home worth $150,000 and a $1,300 monthly payment.

If the loan rate was 6%, the appreciation rate zero and the borrower made only the required payment, it would take 122 months for the negative equity to be wiped out, leaving the borrower with a property worth exactly as much as the remaining loan balance after about 10 years.

But if the home appreciated at 2% a year and the borrower made extra principal payments of $100 a month, the time to get above water would be cut nearly in half, to 68 months.

Using the calculator, you can study your own situation. Keep in mind that one key factor – the home’s appreciation rate – is just guesswork, so it will pay to experiment with various rates. It’s unlikely we’ll see soaring home values anytime soon even if the market does start to recover.

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Lincoln Heritage Mortgage Steven Jeffers LHM The Honest Solutions Company Dallas Budget 2012

Dallas Budget 2012

An uptick in Dallas County’s property values means residents probably won’t see a tax rate increase this year, and commissioners are likely to avoid any mass layoffs.

Although preliminary residential values were down slightly, the county’s preliminary overall property tax rolls increased by more than 5 percent over final rolls from last year, driven in part by a more than 10 percent increase in commercial property values.

And while those numbers are likely to be tamped down as property owners protest their annual valuations, the news is still just good enough for officials who say the county is already within striking distance of a balanced budget.

“It is strong evidence for my position that a tax increase is unwarranted,” County Judge Clay Jenkins, a Democrat, said after county commissioners were briefed Tuesday on preliminary tax values released late last week.

Last year, the county struggled to close a budget gap of more than $30 million as the nationwide economic slump took another in a series of bites out of property values. County officials balanced the budget through a number of measures, including asking cities to pay their share for sheriff’s traffic enforcement and eliminating positions through attrition.

Earlier this year, county officials projected that the shortfall for the next operating budget, $436 million, would be about $9.8 million. “That’s the first ray of sunshine we’ve seen in the last four years,” Commissioner Mike Cantrell, a Republican, said at the time.

Tuesday, Jenkins said county officials now think the gap will be even lower.

Low tax rate

Commissioners have been reluctant to raise the tax burden on residents during the economic downturn. The county has one of the lowest tax rates in Texas at 24.3 cents per $100 of valuation, and the last increase was in 2010.

County Commissioner John Wiley Price, a Democrat, welcomed the news of rising property values, saying it means “we’re not having to plan this year’s budget based on a decrease” in the tax rolls.

Unlike city governments, whose revenue sources also include sales taxes, the county is largely dependent on property taxes.

“We are a pay-as-you-go county,” Price said. “We’re set to be debt-free by 2021. Show me how you can do better on the fiscal side of the aisle than what Dallas County is doing. If you live in Dallas County, you have not voted on a bond election since 1991.”

He said that shows the “frugality” of the Commissioners Court.

County Commissioner Elba Garcia, also a Democrat, said the property values are indicators that the economy is improving.

“While the picture is still gloomy, it’s a lot better than what we had in the past,” she said. “Considering the last three years, this is good news.”

In 2011, the certified taxable value of properties in the county was $155.5 billion. The preliminary value for 2012 is $163.5 billion, but the roll won’t be finalized until late July, after most appraisal appeals are exhausted.

Garcia said that in recent years, the bleak fiscal situation forced the Commissioners Court to “cut to the bone.” She said she hopes the improving property values mean no more significant cuts or layoffs are in the offing.

“I would never say never, but a tax increase is not on the table right now,” Garcia said.

Commissioner Maurine Dickey, a Republican who is not running for re-election, was not at Tuesday’s meeting. Cantrell could not be reached later in the day to discuss any potential tax rate increase.

Housing still hurting

On the residential front, construction starts in Dallas County have fallen. Property tax values were flat to down across the board in the northern and southern sectors.

“New construction is still way down,” Dallas County Chief Appraiser Ken Nolan told commissioners during his briefing. “This is considerably down from, let’s say, four or five years ago. It’s getting better, but it’s not where we were in ’06 or ’07.”

Home sales continue to lag largely because financing remains difficult to obtain, he said.

“If people can’t get money to buy homes, there’s not going to be a lot of sales,” Nolan said.

Building permits are also down for commercial construction, but there’s a feeling out there that the market has hit bottom and is ripe for a rebound, Nolan said. He also noted increasing demand for luxury multifamily housing.

“Apartments are red hot right now,” Nolan said. “Rents are going up. …We didn’t overbuild like we did back in the ’80s.”

Jenkins sees this as evidence that the local economy is picking up steam.

He anticipates that this year’s budget gap can be closed through unspecified efficiencies. He also does not anticipate across-the-board layoffs and would like to give the county’s 6,000 employees at least a 2 percent cost-of-living raise.

Garcia said she also would be open to pay increases. County employees have not had cost-of-living raises for four years.

“We need to keep their buying power at least equal to inflation,” Jenkins said. “It would be penny-wise and pound-foolish if we lost talent or failed to attract top talent to Dallas County.”

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Go ahead. Flip That Houses in 2012

House flippers will be able to get Federal Housing Administration financing in 2012.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development made the announcement this week. Normally FHA rules prohibit insuring a mortgage on a home that’s owned less than 90 days – which pretty much eliminates flippers who like to buy, fix up and resell in less time than a Kardashian marriage lasts.

But in 2010, in an effort to help clear the inventory of homes for sale and in foreclosure, HUD suspended its 90-day rule and allowed flippers to get government-backed mortgages.

The waiver lets buyers get FHA financing to purchase properties owned by HUD or lenders, as well as for traditional private sales.

A press release said ”It will allow homes to resell as quickly as possible, helping to stabilize real estate prices and to revitalize neighborhoods and communities.”

The extension is effective through Dec. 31, 2012 (unless HUD changes its mind later).

Contact Us

Contact Us or call 469-358-9203 and we can discuss Financing options.